Home Based Medical Care


360 Health has a dedicated team of mobile physicians, nurses, practitioners that spend more time with our patients and listen more intently to their needs. It is a top-notch in-home experience that comes directly to the patient.


In - home Examination

In-home physical examinations and ongoing treatment of medical conditions.

Coordination of Ancillary Services

We coordinate home health care, medical equipment, physical therapy, and rehabilitation services.

Medication Management

Medication reconciliation, management, and refills.

Mobile Laboratory Testing

Convenient mobile blood draws and most laboratory services.

Diagnostic Imaging

Advanced imaging services in the comfort and safety of your home.

Transitional Care Mangagement

Our providers coordinate inpatient hospital care and provide transitional care for our patients after discharged from the hospital or facilities.


Are you Eligible?

Patients qualify for the 360 Health program through their health plan and through select areas where our team can serve.