Participant Provider/Preferred Provider for 360 Health?


360 Health ACO REACH, forms relationships with two types of providers and/or suppliers: Participant and Preferred Providers. There are two key differences between these relationships. First, beneficiaries can align to Participant Providers, not Preferred Providers. Secondly, Participant Providers enter a negotiated payment arrangement with the 360 Health ACO REACH, while Preferred Providers can elect to receive this negotiated payment or not.  360 Health works with various platforms of technology and state of the art tracking to determine the best care and services needed to enhance our beneficiaries’ care components. Being a part of our full circle of service guarantees you will be on the cutting edge of the future of health care.

Providers will have to take on a shared risk in the next few years to enhance their level of service.  Being part of a large network to collaborate, use cutting edge technology to track services, data, and comprehensive outcomes will be necessary to service our seniors. FFS beneficiaries who are turning 65 at a rate of 10,000 per day, the volume is massive. Trying to provide efficiency services as a stand-alone practice will not be lucrative in the coming decade.




Safety in Numbers

The move into ACO REACH risk can be intimidating if you do not have the right plan. Your best protection against downside risk is to implement a solid population health program with a trusted partner. With 360 Health ACO REACH you can team up with other independent participants and providers to gain a collaborative environment of success.  This is not a time to silo in the medical arena. Join 360 Health ACO REACH where we together can build and improve costs and care to our patients.

Rural health systems struggle to increase their beneficiaries. Increasing their technology for broader data collection becomes expensive.  With a proven model for helping rural providers, they will thrive in a direct contracting model.  360 Health ACO REACH and our network is financially feasible for any provider regardless of location. In our risk-free rural solution, 360 Health ACO REACH will cover 100 percent of the downside risk. Run your practice and let us manage the numbers.

If you are interested in the program and would like to participate or learn more, please do not hesitate to email for additional information.